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This is the only App about Polis exclusively as of this writing. You must download if you plan to visit, stay or work in Polis Chrysochous, Cyprus. We are NOT affiliated with Polis Municipality. If you have comments for improvements use Feedback/Contact Us section to tell us about.

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About Polis


Polis is a beautiful town situated in the northwest of the island, north of Pafos and constitutes a large part of the Pafos region. The municipality has at least 3000 residents. From Pafos to Polis is about 35 Km. The serene and beautiful environment and the warm people of this place attract people from all over the globe. Polis is a beautiful town to spend some days with your close ones. The natural beauty is at its best with several tourists attractions. History is adhered to Polis in each of its fold. The beautiful site of the ancient kingdoms of Marion and Arsinoe takes you back to the historical days. In and around Polis, there are many archaeological sites, which reveals the golden historical time. People visiting Polis, should visit the local archaeological museum in the city, to enrich their experience in Polis. The area of Polis is with plains, mountains, clear seas and sandy beaches with mild winters and cool summers.

While you are at Polis, you can enjoy Walking, Hiking, Motor-cycling, Cycling, Water sports, Jeep safaris to the Akamas Park, camping, playing golf or simply hiring a car and visiting the town. There are several sandy beaches close to polis, where you can enjoy your day as the mild sunrays embrace you. The restaurant at the beaches enables you to treat your taste buds with some of the authentic Polis delicacies that you cannot get anywhere else in the world.

Major tourist attractions at Polis

When we talk about the major tourist attractions in Polis, the first thing that comes to your mind is the Akamas Peninsula National Park. This park shows you the rich variety of flora and fauna, beautiful wild flowers and a large share of serene nature. Also, you can visit the Latchi Harbour, which was modernized & extended recently. Fresh fish and the beautiful coastline are the major attractions of this harbour. Polis Square is another point of attraction that you can explore. You can find almost anything and everything here, from shops to theatre, from disco to bars. Do remember to visit The Baths of Aphrodite place, Polis Archaeological museum and Polis community hall.

Accommodation at Polis

For accommodation, you do not have to get worried, as you can find several cottages, hotels and apartments close to the proper Polis city at affordable rates. The easy accessibility from the hotels to the major attractions of the city makes it an amazing destination to spend some quality time with loved ones.

Polis Area Facilities

  1. Supermarkets
  2. Large/small Fish Taverns/ Restaurants (also offered and other kind of food), Fast- Food Shops
  3. Cafes, Bars, Disco-Clubs
  4. Polis Hospital
  5. Pharmacies
  6. Banks
  7. Other shopping stores (Souvenir- Shops, Bookshops, Jewellers,…etc)
  8. Polis Post Office
  9. Photo Studio/Shops (Post cards, Cameras, Film etc)
  10. Internet Cafés
  11. Hotels, Hotel Apartments, Villas, Holiday Tourist Villages
  12. Polis Camping-Site nearby the sea/beach in an eucalyptus grove
  13. CTO (Cyprus Tourism Organisation) Office
  14. Bakeries
  15. Petrol Stations
  16. Bus Station (Polis-Pafos, Polis-Latchi-Baths Of Aphrodite)
  17. Taxi Offices
  18. Travel Agencies (Sea/Air tickets, Rentals (Cars,Motorbikes,Bikes,GoKarts/ATVs,…etc) )
  19. Safaris (Akamas), Sea-trips (Akamas), WaterSports, Horse-riding, Golf(Tsada Village), GoKarts Race, etc


List of Polis Attractions

  1. CTO Office in Polis(Free Polis Maps & Guides)
  2. Baths of Aphrodite place
  3. Polis Archaeological Museum & differ Archaeological Places in & surround Polis
  4. Latchi(Polis) Harbor (Modernized&Extended recently)
  5. Polis Square (Extended recently)
  6. Polis Byzantine churches and other churches (Agios Andronikos, Agia Kyriaki,…etc)
  7. Museum of Rural life in the village of Steni
  8. Arsinoe Byzantine Museum - Peristerona
  9. Polis Municipal Beach (Plage)
  10. Polis Municipality/Town Hall
  11. Odysseas old B&W Photo Gallery
  12. Akamas Peninsula National Park

Geography Polis Resort

  1. Population: 3000
  2. Harbor: Latchi
  3. Beaches: Sandy, Latchi Plage
  4. Park: Akamas National Park
  5. Forest: Akamas Forest, Pafos Forest
  6. Center of: 23 Communities
  7. Holiday Season(CY): 01/04-31/10

About Paphos & Cyprus


If you are taking the Cyprus holidays deals, make sure you visit Paphos. Having a Paphos tour with your family and loved ones is something that you will remember all through your life. The serene and the tranquil atmosphere of the city life, far from the hustle bustle of the city life, make it an ideal place to relax for some time amidst the beauties of nature.

Paphos or Pafos is actually a small harbour town located on the southwest coast of Cyprus with rich cultural history and amazing tourist opportunities. You can consider Paphos to be the birthplace and centre of worship of Aphrodite, the goddess of Love. There are several historical sites, amongst which most of the sites are enlisted as World Heritage sites. However, it is not just the beautiful historical sites that Paphos will offer you, the beauty of the modern town along with the never ending coastline is something, you will never forget. Near the harbour, you will find several restaurants that serve authentic Cypriot dishes to treat your taste buds.

Paphos is basically composed of four distinct municipalities which are Pafos Town, Geroskipou, Pegeia and Polis Chrysochous. Each of this municipality has its own beauty and attraction, no matter where you stay during your visit to Paphos, you are sure to enjoy to the fullest. The climate of Paphos throughout the year is another reason, why many people flock down to Paphos for permanent staying.

Places to visit in Paphos

The lower part of the town is basically the tourist area, that part of the town is also known as Kato Pafos. This part has shown tremendous growth in the last few years which has enhanced tourism in the town eventually.  In the Kato Paphos, you will find the home of the harbour, several small and large souvenir shops, and numerous archaeological sites and museums. Among the major attractions in the town, there are several water parks and aquariums, which you can visit for your recreation. The beaches of Paphos offer many opportunities to enjoy water sports such as wind surfing, parasailing, and boating to name a few. However, sunbathing at the beach is also a great idea while spending a vacation in Paphos.

Accommodation at Paphos

As tourism is growing in Paphos, you will find several destinations to Paphos for your comfortable stay. There are several rented apartments, villas and hotels in the close vicinity of the major attractions in the city so that you get great accessibility.

Cyprus Data

CYPRUS (North&South) Population

– The combined population of the Greek and Turkish sectors (2010 estimate) is 1,088,503.
– 77% Greek-speaking Cypriots[803,147].
– 18% population is of Turkish extraction.
– 5% Armenians and other ethnic groups.


Greek (Cyprus) and Turkish (N.Cyprus) are both official languages [English is widely spoken as a second language].


Cyprus has a typical Mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers and a cool, rainy season that extends from October to March. The mean annual temperature is 21°C (69°F). The annual rainfall averages less than 500 mm (less than 20 in).



Other Cities

Limassol (Lemesos), Pafos (Paphos), Larnaka, Agia Napa.


EURO currency used   
1.00 = US$ 1.09603 = UK£ 0.701736.  (as of 04 Aug 2015)

Time Zone GMT

+0200 (winter) / +0300 (summer).

Calling code - Cyprus


Head of the Government


Member of United Nations.

Member of the British Commonwealth(1960) and European Union(2004).


years (former British colony - 1960).


Cyprus(Greek) has many characteristics common to Greece samely Turkish Cyprus to Turkey.


Spending some quality time with your loved ones far from the hustle bustle of daily life is an amazing experience. However, the increasing work load in every sector hardly leaves people with any time to relax. But if, you could manage some time in hand, go treat yourself and your family to an unforgettable Cyprus Island tour. Cyprus is an amazing place in the world that is rich in culture, tradition, history and warm people amidst the serene natural beauty. The beaches of Cyprus enables you, to spend some quality time amongst some exciting water sports including water surfing, parasailing, boating and a few more. Here we have a provided a mini guide for an awesome Cyprus tour.

Some basics about Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the major islands of the world with both Greek and Turkish sectors. According to a recent estimate, Cyprus is a home for almost 77% Greek speaking Cypriots, 18% people of Turkish extraction and around 5% Armenians and other ethnic groups. The major languages spoken in Cyprus are Greek and Turkish. However, English is quite a common language and is spoken throughout the island as a second language.

The climate remains quite Mediterranean throughout the year with hot and dry summers and a cool and rainy season that starts from October and exists till March. The mean annual temperature is 21°C (69°F). The island gets annual rainfall that averages less than 500 mm (less than 20 in). The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia, while the other major cities of the island are Limassol, Larnaka, Pafos, Agia Napa, Polis, …

Major attractions and accommodation

Cyprus has many historical points of attraction. Several historical sites at Cyprus are enlisted as World Heritage site. The rich history of the place attracts travellers throughout the world. Numerous museums, archaeological sites make Cyprus a place worth visiting. However, there are many water parks, aquarium and discos to relax your mood. The island of Cyprus is well connected to all the cities within by means of land transport. The beautiful beaches with white sands are an amazing place to spend a relaxing afternoon while the mild sun embraces you.

Cyprus has become increasingly popular in the last few years as a tourism spot. This has lead to the development of apartments and hotels for the tourists to stay. These hotels are designed to give you the ultimate comfort of accommodation with all the modern amenities that you might need during your stay.

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