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Amazing Features

List of app features and all the details - New Polis Chrysochous Cyprus Mobile App

Responsive Design

Can be used in Smart-Phones as well as in Tablets.

Save Money/Time

News & Announcements / Special Offers (Updated)

Cross-Browser Support

This App Developed as a Cross Platform App. You can find it in many Phones (iOS, Android, WP8, etc). Also exist Web AppDemo (limited).

New Polis Chrysochous Cyprus Mobile App

Updated content

We keep App Updated with new progresses in Polis, on Web and Special Offers and News.

Creative Design

We keep adding more Web Services to the App. Currently App has Flickr Images, Google Maps, You Tube Polis Video, and Share Photo service.

More Features

App has Photos of Polis Attractions and more Polis Images offered by Odysseas Photo Studio in Polis.

New Polis Chrysochous Cyprus Mobile App

Why it's best

This is the only Mobile App about Polis exclusively. We think this App is required for you, if you live, visit or work in Polis (CY).
You can search Polis Shop & Biz data and you can add each biz entry to your Device Contacts with just a click.
Also you get view Map with your current Location and the Location of an attraction in Polis (you choose the attraction to be show location).
In the App there is Polis News & Announcements Section as well as Special Offers Section.

  • This App Only for Polis, Created in Polis
  • Everything is perfectly orgainized
  • News & Announcements / Special Offers (Updated)
  • Tons of features and easy to use

Polis Cyprus App Description

Here you will find a useful App about (Polis Travel Guide App or Polis Cyprus App) Polis - Cyprus and all Polis Area. This App is for Polis exclusively.

Polis App Features:

  • • Complete Tourist Guide
  • • All Polis Attractions
  • • Polis Google Maps with attractions on Map - Map Tracking
  • • Polis & Cyprus Weather
  • • Old & New Polis Gallery, Flickr Photo Integration
  • • Polis News & Announcements & Special Offers
  • • All Polis Business Data easy Search
  • • All Polis Telephone and Internet Data with Maps - Map Tracking
  • • Upload photos and Share Your Public Polis Photos with other Polis visitors
  • • Private Travel notes (map - note taken at).

Future Updates:

  • • New Polis business data added as of time of update.
  • • Private Photos & Ability to Delete Photos.
  • • App's Users public chatroom.
  • • Twitter & Facebook Integration.
  • • We review comments from customers to get implemented ASAP.
  • • Other additions/improvements I decide to include plus Bugs that needed to get fixed.
New Polis Chrysochous Cyprus Mobile App

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Screenshots - iPhone

Same are for iPad, Androids, WP81, BB10 devices.

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